John Thompson

Career Development Portfolio


My goal as a career development practitioner is twofold. I want to help individuals identify and find opportunities (paid or unpaid) to do work that makes good use of their talents, values, and goals. On the other side, I want to help employers find individuals who have the talents, values, and goals that they are looking for. In short, I want to help talent find work, and help work find talent.

Professional Profile

The Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners list four Core Competencies: Professional Behaviour, Interpersonal Competence, Career Development Knowledge, and Needs Assessment and Referral. Because my work is so closely aligned with the work of career development practitioners, I have used these four areas to organize the information in this portfolio.

Overview of My Career

Statement of Authenticity

I, John Thompson, attest that all statements, documents and materials contained in this portfolio are true, correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I further attest that this portfolio is my own work, apart from graphics and comment statements which have their own respective writers and creators. This portfolio has been made in accordance with assignment's guidelines and instructions, and permissions have been sought from my classmates and teachers before posting their comment statements in this portfolio. I respectfully ask that the content of this portfolio not be copied or redistributed as it is my personal property.