John Thompson, PhD

Career development consists of adapting to changes in our lives, our working environments, and
our way of thinking about work. Curiously, our goal in making these adaptations
is often to keep something important steady and unchanging.

What Clients Say

With your help, I have been able to approach my career with more optimism and am finding it enjoyable again. I feel strongly that you gave me the advice and insight I needed to move on with my life. (DE, Kitchener)

John was instrumental in helping me discover those aspects of my work I found most energizing. Thanks to his probing questions and careful listening, I was able to plan, pursue, and succeed in a mid-career transition. (SB, Stratford)

John helped us organize a search for new talent to address our growing project workload. With his assistance, we were able to identify and attract a very suitable candidate. (AA, Goderich)

John was able to help me find my place in a new career by identifying my preferred ways of being within the profession. (ET, Toronto)

It has been really interesting and informative having the conversations with you. Anyone would benefit from your calm and thoughtful approach. (JB, Whitby)