John Thompson, PhD

Career development consists of adapting to changes in our lives, our working environments, and
our way of thinking about work. Curiously, our goal in making these adaptations
is often to keep something important steady and unchanging.

Employment Coaching and Counselling Services

Traditionally, career counselling was done to help individuals move from school to work. This model no longer applies. That's because career decisions are no longer one-time events. We now need to make career decisions throughout our working lives.

People make transitions from being employed to laid off to unemployed. They move to new communities. They move from full-time work to retirement. They move from one field of work to another in mid-career.

To maintain a sense of continuity through these changes, individuals need to find their own path of development.

My role as a coach/counsellor is to help you find that path of development. Working together, we can identify the skills and values that are most important to you at this time in your life. With this knowledge, we can begin looking for employment situations (whether paid or unpaid) that will give you a chance to use your talents, and express your values, in ways that bring you satisfaction and a feeling of growth.

Assistance for Individuals

New Entrants to Labour Force

Unemployed and Underemployed

Mid-Career Movers

Older Adults


Assistance for Employers

Needs Analysis

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Interviewing Applicants

Skills Development and Mentoring

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